Sotogrande Neighbourhoods
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Sotogrande Neighbourhoods all have one thing in common. They all are superb places to buy your luxury home.
Sotogrande is a upmarket private gated residential enclave and if you are looking for an extremely safe environment that also has has 24 hour security. It is the perfect place to live.

It is very popular with families as parents don’t have to worry about the children, in fact many walk or cycle to school, to delight of their parents.
The Sotogrande International School has an excellent reputation and academic record. Families relocate to Sotogrande from all over the world to send their children there.

What are the Sotogrande Neighbourhoods?

Sotogrande is divided principally into two main areas.

Sotogrande Costa is the area on the beach side of the community and it is divided into a series of sub areas . The oldest and perhaps the most prestigious area within Sotogrande Costa is called “Kings and Queens” which is a series of luxurious tree lined avenues and streets on which vast luxury villas sit. It is similar in style to Beverley Hills in California.

This area was the first area to be built in Sotogrande and because of its location and kudos, commands extremely high prices. It is located on the beach side of the resort and within a short walk to the the beach, beach club and tennis clubs, the green and luscious nature reserve and Cork Oak Forest and of course the immaculately maintained championship golf course, the Real de Sotogrande Golf club.
The other areas of the Sotogrande Costa are divided into numerical zones . The A and B zones are also found here.

Also within Sotogrande Costa is Sotogrande Puerto . The is the original port and marina area , with many beautifully coloured apartments situated around private squares , all having stunning views of the beach or the luxury yachts in the Marina and the glorious Mediterranean sea .

The vast rock formation of Gibraltar can be seen in the distance and the nearby coastline of North Africa . On a clear day you can see the “Pillars of Hercules” which includes the Rift mountains of North of Arica and Gibraltar.

In recent years the Puerto area has been expanded to include a large marina area which is composed of a number of waterways and connecting bridges reminiscent of Venice in Italy .
Sotogrande Marina is overlooked by luxury apartments, very popular as holiday homes or as rental investments. Some include their own private mooring.

However Sotogrande Puerto and Sotogrande Marina have another thing in common, the superb number of bars and restaurants offering a variation of wonderful international cuisine and traditional spanish dishes.

The Beach side of the Marina also includes the Octagono Beach and racquet club. Gigis Beach and Las Brisas beach restaurants or chirinquitos are also very popular.
The famous Santa Marina Polo club is also situated in Sotogrande Costa and a wonderful location to watch polo on a year round basis.

Sotogrande Alto
Sotogrande Alto is the area of Sotogrande which sits on a more elevated position and that can command panoramic views of both the sea and the mountains.

It is also divided into a series of residential zones , The zones at the lower part of Sotogrande Alto are the C and D zones and this has expanded to include Valderamma Golf, the respective E. F and now G zone which is located at the top of the resort next to the Almenara Golf course and the So/Sotogrande Hotel.

Sotogrande Alto also includes the separate gated development known as La Reserva which includes many luxury homes of various types and sizes .

La Reserva Golf Course, Racquet club and now more recently the impressive inland Beach and lagoon Sotogrande the Beach, which is perfect to relax on sunny days by taking into the ambience, sunbathing or swimming in the beautiful lagoon.
The Beach also includes a separate swimming pool, vast lake for enjoying all types of water sports and an excellent bar area.

Sotogrande International School is also located in Sotogrande Alto.

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