About Sotogrande
About Sotogrande

Firstly . Where is it?

Sotogrande sits between Estepona and Gibraltar and is in the San Roque municipality of Southern Spain.
One of the key points about Sotogrande  is the fact that it is  largest residential gated development in Andalusia that is privately owned and regarded as a luxury enclave.

What are its origins?

Sotogrande was initially built and developed due to the vision of forward thinking entrepreneurs Joseph McMicking and Mercedez Zobel . The blueprint was similar to Palm Springs in Florida and to this day Sotogrande is often used by film and T.V companies.

They particularly chose to film in the wide palm tree lined boulevards that compose of some of the most opulant wide streets in the ” Kings and Queens” area of Sotogrande Costa. This is because of their resemblance to Florida and also to Beverley Hills in California. Indeed a recent episode of the Netflix drama “The Crown’ was filmed here when Netflix the streaming company wanted to emulate Beverley Hills.

Development was started in 1962 when the McMiklings bought the land from five farm owners with the plan to create a prestigious luxury residential enclave in the Mediterranean.
The initial phase included many vast villas in the Sotogrande Costa which is the area nearest the sea and beaches , however because of the popularity of Sotogrande, the resort grew and to include Sotogrande Alto which on an elevated position and has superb views of the sea and countryside.


The original port area of Sotogrande or Puerto de Sotogrande was built in 1988 and further expanded to include the beautiful waterways of Sotogrande Marina constructed with connecting bridges between luxury properties giving a Venetian feel. The area of the Puerto de Sotogrande and Sotogrande Marina are favoured by many, as the stunning apartments are ideal holiday and investment properties. Particularly high rental fees are attainable in the summer months.

Boat owners are also enticed by the ability to buy apartments and town houses with private moorings, what better place to moor your luxury yacht or catamaran than just outside your property.
The huge popularity of these areas is also due to the excellent restaurants, bars and a selection of individual speciality shops.

What is Sotogrande Known for?

Sotogrande is a sporting haven and is particularly enjoyed by those that love the outdoors, It has five golf courses with the most prestigious being the world renowned, which has been host to the Ryder Cup. It was the first European course to hold the Ryder Cup, which was previously always held within America . Valderamma also hosts the European Pro golf circuit on a yearly basis. draws many great amateur players too who are keen to enjoy the kudos of playing this magnificent, beautifully maintained and highly respected course within the golf world .

There are also a number of tennis and padel clubs and young tennis players with potential choose to attend tennis academies here. There are two superb beach clubs known as the Octagono and the Trocadero , a sailing club, Equestrian facilities and Polo is a year round feature in Sotogrande .


The Sultan of Brunai is a regular patron of one of the many world class polo teams that play here, The largest and best know Polo club here is the internationally famous although there are a number of polo clubs in the surrounding area.


Polo is a casual affair here and many families chose to come watch the matches often bring the family dog. Except in the case of the Bronze, Silver and Golf Cup in the summer months. The final games are played at the Santa Maria Polo club and it is transformed into a wonderful sporting environment with seating areas for family and friends, corporate entertaining areas and enclosures for local companies and corporate sponsors that want to impress clients.

The bars, restaurants, speciality shops and even an ” After Polo” nightclub are incredibly popular.
The finals of the Polo are the place to be seen in Sotogrande in the summer months and they are often frequented by international Royalty, film and T.V. stars and of course the wealthy residents of this exceptional place.


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