The Beckham Rule in Spain
The Beckham Rule in Spain

What actually is the Beckham Rule in Spain?

The Beckham Rule in Spain is a special expats tax regime or Impatriate Tax that enables foreigners who have moved to Spain the option of paying tax as non-residents, so that their Spanish employment income is taxed at a fixed rate of 24% rather than the progressive tax rates applicable to Spanish residents..

How did it get its name?

Unsurprisingly, the Beckham Rule in Spain originated from David Beckham.
The Beckham Rule for expats in Spain took its name from Beckham’s tax reform after his arrival to Real Madrid.
It aims to provide a tax regime in Spain that boosts the economy by attracting foreign capital through the residence of highly wealthy and successful expats who become residents.

Why is it good to know?

This means that owning a beautiful new home in the sun  may not just be a dream  but a reality .


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What are the new changes in the Beckham rule in Spain and how do they affect you? 

Employees who move to Spain under the international teleworking visa or Digital Nomad visa The Digital Nomad Visa for remote working in Spain

Individuals who move to Spain to become of a Spanish company who may also by the majority or sole shareholder ( the previous 25% shareholding no longer applies except in the case of the so called holding company)

Entrepreneurs who are to carry out a business activity in Spain considered as “entpreneurial” i.e. an activity of an or special economic interest in Spain.

Highly skilled professional who are to carry out a business activity in Spain by providing services to emerging companies or who carry out training or research, development and innovation activities subject to certain additional requirements.

The spouse and children under 25 years old who move to Spain in the same tax year as the holder of the Beckham Rule may apply .

Another interesting factor to note that the previous requirements for eligibility was that the applicant must not have been a tax resident in the previous years – this has now been reduced to five years. The relocation can be in the first year of application

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