Real Estate trends in Sotogrande and Marbella
Real estate trends in Sotogrande and Marbella

After the pandemic many people have chosen to be” work nomands” and to work remotely.
There is no longer the need to work from an office or indeed commute into an office building in a city centre.


The long months of being enclosed at home, in perhaps a small property or apartment without garden has forced people to re-evaluate their lifestyle.
To think what is important for them and to attain a balance in their lives. Indeed the pandemic has given many a huge wake up call on how the live their lives and what their priorities are.

Working long hours in a highly stressed environment had indeed taken on a toll on their health and mental health causing “burn out ” in some cases, busy executives many have found it difficult to adapt to being in the home environment enclosed with family when the perhaps they travelled extensively and were used to the buzz of an office environment.
However, out of difficulties, good things often prevail.

Real estate trends in Sotogrande and Marbella

have ensured that many  homes have been bought by those seeking this complete lifestyle change .
Encouraged by the international feel of these areas and the opportunity of meeting like minded expats and friendly local Spanish people they have embarked on a huge adventure.

As it is said “there is no time like the present or “nothing more certain of change”

Many entrepreneurs, tech specialists and families have sought the warm climate and contributed to the luxury real estate trends in Sotogrande and Marbella

Indeed many families have located from all over the world and particularly chosen this area because of the high standard of academic excellent in the international schools such as the Sotogrande International School  https;//    and Alloa College https: //


Indeed many high flying parents have realised that pre-pandemic they really didn’t spend enough quality time with their family or take the time to appreciate their family grow and wanted to
find a way of attaining a perfect safe and happy environment for their children to enjoy.

The lifestyle aspects of Sotogrande and Marbella also offer a   huge enticement including the sandy beaches, the outdoor lifestyle, proximity to sea and mountains, abundance of high class restaurants and bars and a host of sporting activities to fulfil every sports lovers dream, including golf, tennis, sailing, equestrian sports and Polo.

The trend continues to the type of home they are seeking, the more modern properties are proving very popular and home office facilities or the ability to adapt rooms to home offices has been a priority. Those with larger budgets have also sought properties with a gymnasiums, indoor pools and home cinemas or at least properties that could be adapted to ensure that these facilities are present.


After quite some time in isolation in the Pandemic the trend now is now to buy properties that have many opportunities to socialise with family and friends including manicured gardens , private pools and outdoor entertaining spaces.

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Many people are waking up to the fact that lifestyle and quality of life are essential for their mental and physical health, indeed the winter months in northern countries can also bring on Seasonal

Affective Disorder or SAD syndrome which is triggered by the lack of daylight. The year round sun on the Southern Spain eradicates this completely and means that you can live a more outdoor life.

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