10 things to do in Estepona
10 things to do in Estepona

Think of the excitement, You have booked your fights and looking forward to your trip to Estepona.

After years of planning you are now ready to buy your holiday apartment or forever home in Estepona

It wont be long until you will be able to enjoy the glorious sunshine, the opportunity of enjoying cocktails on your terrace and indulging all your favourite sports.

You have been in touch with Luxury Partners Real Estate Luxury Partners Real Estate S.L  and have selected the properties that you wish to view

You have studied all that is involved in  Buying a property in Spain   

but have some spare time whilst you are on this important trip and what should you do?

Here are 10 things to do in Estepona
Visit the Old Town:

Explore Estepona’s charming Old Town with its narrow streets, flower-filled pots, and traditional Andalusian architecture. Don’t miss Plaza de las Flores, a picturesque square filled with colorful blooms.

Enjoy the Beaches:

Estepona boasts beautiful beaches with golden sands and clear waters. Playa del Cristo is a popular choice for its calm, shallow waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Puerto Deportivo:

Spend some time at the Puerto Deportivo, Estepona’s marina, where you can admire luxury yachts, dine at waterfront restaurants, or simply take a leisurely stroll along the promenade.

Selwo Aventura:

Visit Selwo Aventura, a large wildlife park located just outside Estepona. Here, you can observe a wide variety of animals, including elephants, giraffes, and big cats, in semi-natural habitats.

Orchid House (Orquidario):

Enjoy a  free visit to the famous recently built  Orchid house to view these beautiful tropical plants


Estepona is a haven for golf enthusiasts, with several world-class golf courses in the area. Spend a day on the greens enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean views.

Visit the Castillo de San Luis:

Explore the ruins of Castillo de San Luis, an old fortress overlooking the sea. Although much of the castle is in ruins, it offers panoramic views of the coastline and surrounding area.

Day Trip to Gibraltar:

Take a day trip to Gibraltar, located just a short drive from Estepona. Explore the Rock of Gibraltar, visit St. Michael’s Cave, and see the famous Barbary macaques.

Water Sports:

Try your hand at water sports such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, or paddleboarding along Estepona’s coastline. There are several rental shops and schools where you can learn these activities.


Sample traditional Spanish cuisine at the many restaurants and tapas bars in Estepona.

Here a few restaurants to choose from :
  1. La Escollera: Enjoy fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine with stunning views of the sea at this beachfront restaurant located in the Puerto Deportivo.
  2. Robbie’s: This popular restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring dishes from around the world, including steaks, burgers, pasta, and seafood. It’s located near the marina.
  3. El Pescador: Known for its excellent seafood dishes and paella, El Pescador is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. It’s situated in the heart of Estepona’s Old Town.
  4. Taberna Miguel: This cozy tapas bar in the Old Town serves up a variety of delicious Spanish tapas, along with a selection of wines and beers.
  5. El Callejón: For authentic Andalusian cuisine in a charming setting, head to El Callejón. This family-run restaurant offers traditional dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  6. La Casa del Rey: Located in a historic building in the Old Town, La Casa del Rey specializes in grilled meats and traditional Spanish dishes served in a cozy atmosphere.
  7. Tikitano Beach Restaurant & Lounge: Situated right on the beach, Tikitano offers a relaxed atmosphere and a menu featuring Mediterranean and international cuisine, including seafood and grilled meats.
  8. Restaurante La Escuela: This restaurant, located within the Estepona School of Hotel Management, offers a fine dining experience with a menu that highlights innovative dishes prepared by culinary students under the guidance of experienced chefs.
  9. Francis’s Deli & Grill: If you’re craving American-style cuisine, head to Francis’s Deli & Grill for burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more. They also offer a selection of craft beers and cocktails.
  10. Bodeguita Andrés: This charming tapas bar in the Old Town is known for its friendly atmosphere and excellent selection of traditional Spanish tapas, as well as a variety of local wines.

These are just a few options to explore and there are many more. Enjoy .

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