Taxes and expenses when selling a property in Spain
Taxes and expenses when selling a property in Spain

Our team at  Luxury Partners Real Estate S.L  are happy to advise you regarding the taxes and expenses when selling a property in Spain.

Plusvalia – Capital Gains Tax

Every vendor must pay capital gains tax unless there is a loss. This tax is normally calculated on the years or months you have owned the property  times the cadastral value of the land.

The Capital gains tax is 19% is you are a Spanish resident or member of  an EU member state and 24%  if you a resident of a Non EU member state.

Owners of apartments should also be aware that this will be calculated on the proportion of the land that the development stands. ( it is not a significant expense but good to know about)

Real Estate Agent Fees

Luxury Partners  Real Estate will be delighted to discuss our fee structure with you.

Lawyers Fees

Your appointed lawyer will advise.

Mortgage Cancellation Fees

Please consult your mortgage lender regarding this as fees may differ regarding the type of mortgage you have in place.

Retension of 3%  from the purchase price

This only applies if the vendor is non resident in Spain . The buyer will deduct 3% from the purchase price. After the sale the vendor applies to the tax office for its return.

Your lawyer will advise.


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